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What Causes Foundations and Slabs to Sink?

Soil – Moisture changes in North Texas cause drastic clay composition changes. Acting like a sponge, soil expands during seasons of heavy rainfall and contracting during times of seasonal drought. Continuous fluctuation causes stress on your home’s foundation. Commonly, the center areas of the slab remain uninterrupted, while the perimeters settle due to exposure to the seasonal moisture changes.

Landscaping – Trees and large shrubs with extensive root systems require immense amounts of moisture to sustain their health. Moist soils located near the edge of the home, as well as underneath the slab, provide a viable source of water. And when the root system drains the additional moisture from these areas, it causes the slab to settle.

Plumbing – More common these days, plumbing has become a major issue for foundations. The cast iron plumbing commonly used in the 1960s and early 1970s is beginning to deteriorate and erode. The soil directly underneath the home can infuse with water, creating long-term foundation damage.

  • Poor drainage of water away from the home
  • Insufficient ventilation for the soil under the home to aerate
  • and poor initial construction practices can all lead to foundation problems

Lewisville Foundation Repair

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Add Value To Your House Thru Lewisville Foundation Repair Company

One of the most important features of a house or any building in general is its foundation. Experts say that you can tell how stable or unstable a building is depending on the quality of the expertise put into the construction of the foundation. The point is that foundations are important, even the Bible highlights the man that built his house on a good foundation to have been wise and we all know what happened to the house built on a poor foundation.

Anyway things are different today. If you find that your foundation has developed problems, your constructors did a shoddy job, or you just want to strengthen your foundation so that you may expand your house, then there are companies which specialize in this particular task. It is however wise to have your building inspected by a certified professional so that if there are any problems especially with this part of your house, you commission a foundation repair company to take care of the problem before it escalates or on a worst case scenario, loose your house.

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There are numerous foundation repair companies. If you have doubts about the integrity of your foundation all you have to do is contact one. Usually what they will do is that before work begins they will conduct tests to confirm that there truly is a problem. After these tests are concluded, they usually will go ahead and explain to you the way forward especially in terms of the time frame, whether there is need to relocate or if you can stay in the house as repairs continue and so on.

A house may have some very serious flaws that may go for years without being detected. Having a professional inspect it once in a while goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t get any surprises in the future. A professional will also be able to pin point the problem specifically and also advise on not only how to tackle it, but how much it could cost you as well. These are especially important since different types of foundation problems are repaired differently.

Foundation repairs come in different types. Depending on the cost and the type of problem, a repair company will offer you the best option for you. However, some of the more common types of repair are slab foundation and the pier and beam foundation. Both have their advantages as well disadvantages. Pier and beam generally is more expensive to install initially but cost considerably less to repair.

However as work on the repairs begin its important to put certain factors into consideration. These factors will usually be explained to you by the repairer but it always safe to have an idea of the procedures. Some foundation usually develop mold due to trapping moisture, so as repairs go on, the contractor or whoever is in charge of the repair might advise that you vacate the house. Therefore if you find that your home has cracks on the floor or staircase and you are afraid the foundation might be compromised just know a foundation repair company could help you save your house.

Factors To Consider For Hiring Lewisville Foundation Repair Companies

It goes without saying that buying a home is an exciting experience; homeowners pay great attention to choose wall coverings, preferred doors, windows and other things. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not check the foundation of the structure while buying a home. Having a strong base such as a slab foundation, or pier and beam foundation is vital to ensure that the structure will stand for a long period of time. Unluckily, the foundation of many buildings is not very strong; hence, homeowners have to deal with some kind of foundation repair from time to time. This is where foundation repair companies come in to picture.

However, various factors have to be considered minutely to choose the right foundation repair company. You cannot simply hire any repairing company to fix the most important part of your home. Despite the importance of the issue, many homeowners hire the very first company they come across. This is not a prudent idea; you could end up spending loads of money on foundation repairs without getting professional work, if the chosen company is not competent in fixing foundation repairs.

Similarly, certain homeowners hire cheap foundation repairing companies to cut down their budget. Unfortunately, most of them end up spending too much on repairing the foundation of their home when the inexperienced repairing service compounds the issue making the situation worse. As a result, the drive to fix the foundation repair at cheap prices becomes nightmarish. Moreover, repairing the more complicated issue warrants more money which could have been otherwise repaired with low budget. In order to avoid any such scenario, stay clear from any novice and incompetent repairing service while fixing the foundation of your home.

Instead, search for reliable companies that carry years of experience in fixing foundation repairs. Make a handy list of trusted and experienced companies capable of repairing different types of foundations including slab foundation, and pier and beam foundation. Seek suggestions and recommendations from your friends, associates as well as other individuals in your acquaintances. Those who have repaired their home foundation through a reliable company will provide you detailed information about that company.

Additionally, explore local directories, yellow pages as well as infomercials in local newspapers. All these sources will assist you in finding legitimate foundation repair companies. If you fail to locate a reliable company through any of these sources, surf the internet. Many reputed foundation repair services have their web presence. As a result, finding a suitable company for fixing your home foundation is not very difficult.

Obtain detailed quotes from numerous foundation repair companies by surfing their websites. Check their registration document as well as state mandated license. Verify their credentials and competency by going through their certifications and experience. Similarly, check out customer testimonials to ensure you are dealing with expert companies. Make sure that the repairing companies are capable of fixing any type of foundation such as a slab foundation, and pier and beam foundation. Finally, choose the best foundation repair company that can fix the foundation of your home at affordable charges.

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